Changes Are A-Coming

It seems like it’s either all….or nothing. Some weeks it feels like I’m a wife and mom who just goes to work, cleans the house and gets dinner on the table, and then shows up somewhere and sings.

Other weeks I’m doing photo shoots, returning phone calls for bookings, rehearsing and in the studio, editing music…and getting dinner on the table.

I’m learning that whether it is all or nothing, God is completely in control of it. I am learning to be at peace and rest whether it seems like I’ve got it all going on or whether it seems like nothing is going on.

I’m happy to say that things are progressing nicely. The CD is nearly finished and mastered. New photos are done and being edited. Bookings for the fall are coming in. And last but not least, the website is getting it’s make-over.

And while I’m on an upswing, I keep reminding myself that nothing is different. GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL OF MY PATH.

Keep your eye out for the new CD! It will be here before you know it!

“Believe: There Is Hope”

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