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Thank you for taking the time to check out the variety of ways that God has enabled me to share my ministry of music.

Concert Performance: With heartfelt original music, Amanda Joy captivates her audience. She connects with their fears and trepidations and delivers a performance that is hope-filled. The significance of her message stays in the hearts of those who hear it, leading them to share it with others.

Speaker: A woman of God who has a powerful testimony. Amanda Joy’s message is one of courage, trust, and faith. It is easy to believe without trials, but she shares her struggle of doubt and rebellion through challenging circumstances. Hear how she eventually came back to God. Listen as she explains her journey through her battle of cancer. Be encouraged by her strength during her husband’s deployment – with two children and a newborn.

Guest Performance: For outreach concerts, retreats, conferences, or women’s events, you are able to experience Amanda Joy’s testimony and distinctive music. She describes the trials we face, shares faith from God’s word and her own songs. In a unique and moving way, be uplifted, knowing that perseverance brings victory.

Guest Worship Leader: When a worship leader has been passionate for twelve years, it is inevitable that a willing audience can enter the throne room of God. Amanda Joy uses a matchless variety of hymns, contemporary praise & worship and original worship music to do this very thing. Feel a closeness to the Father that is unparalleled. We were made for it.

Fundraising Events: “Believe: There is Hope” – with this song, Amanda Joy has been able to fortify and encourage thousands at Susan G. Komen events, Relays For Life, and events for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It delivers hope. And if that message ever needed to be heard, it is now.

Wedding Ceremony (limited): Embark on your journey of forever with Amanda Joy’s original song of love and commitment,”I Do”. Or select your own music that has personal meaning.

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