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Amanda Joy Hall

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Amanda Joy Hall

In 2006, Amanda Joy was diagnosed with colon cancer.  She endured a number of surgeries and chemotherapy treatments and so far, is winning the battle against cancer!  What started as colon cancer metastasized into her lymph nodes, liver and right lung.  During this time of struggle and pain, her husband was deployed to Iraq.  God proved Himself faithful to Amanda, her husband, Tom, and their children.  Before her surgeries, Amanda Joy prepared her family for the possibility that she might not return to her earthly home.  Much like Jesus prepared the twelve during the Last Supper, she explained what would occur and encouraged them with the promise they would be together again.  In her darkest hour, Amanda clung to the words in Isaiah 41:10

“Do not be afraid, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

By God’s grace, Amanda is now cancer-free.  Despite having lost 1/3 of her lung, she sings with the mighty power of her Heavenly Father.  She has even completed a marathon, several half-marathons, a few 10Ks and many 5Ks! She has also released 2 Cds; “Believe: There Is Hope” and “Every Day”.

As God began her ministry, Amanda Joy faced the tragic loss of her dear friend to breast cancer.  Through all of this, she reflected on words spoken to her as a teenager, “Someday, God will use your bad experiences to glorify Him while relating to those who hurt.”  She held onto this mantra so that her struggles would not be in vain.  In her faithfulness, God has been true.  He has used her anointed gifts of music, confidence in His plan, and outgoing spirit to minister to the downfallen.

As a singer, songwriter, speaker, wife and mother, Amanda Joy strives to seek the heart of her Savior.  She endured trials and discovered God remained beside her.  Now, she desires to encourage others on their journey by sharing how she found comfort, strength and love.  Her music touches the hearts of those who question, “Where is God in this?” Eventually, as Amanda Joy can testify, you realize God is sufficient.  She faced death but found peace – the kind of peace that only comes from God.   She strives daily to give all the glory to the One who sustains.